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    Marcell Electric LLC offers a wide range of services as a carpenter and electrician. Our services go far beyond these, however, and we can assist with plenty of work you need done.
    Call at (929) 299-9446 for a full run-down of the services we offer. We are an electrical contractor that has been helping out with electrical jobs for decades, as well as touch-up painting, cleaning services, and more.
    If you're in the Brooklyn, New York area, contact us and get expert help wherever you need it.
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Our Services

Electrical contractor
Electrical Contractor

As a licensed, insured electrical contractor, we want to apply our expert knowledge and experience to your next project. Electrical work requires specific knowledge to keep costs low, reduce potential damage on your home or business, and keep the lights on. Our electrical repairs and installation team has seen it all after decades of residential and commercial electrician work, so don't wait to make an appointment.

Low voltage services
Low Voltage Services

Low-voltage electrical systems are a specialty service we offer in the Brooklyn, NY area. Low voltage systems help to reduce hazards and dangers by keeping running voltage below fifty volts. If you're worried about energy usage and possible injuries with a high-voltage system, our low voltage services will put those fears to rest.


Give your home, business, or any other place handsome woodwork at an affordable cost with carpentry from Marcell Electric LLC. Nothing beats a smooth wood floor in your kitchen or living room, or engaging and eye-catching window trim that raises your property value and is a delight to observe. An expert carpenter is sure to satisfy if you need plywood, sheetrock, framing, or any other woodwork.

Car mechanic
Car Mechanic

Car bucking and hitching? Don't let small problems turn into big, expensive issues: give us a call to set up an appointment with our car mechanic. Our prices are up front and reliable, so you'll be able drive away with a smile.

Security camera
Camera System Installation

Maintaining personal security is an essential part of owning property. Your video surveillance needs to keep pace with the latest developments if they are to be effective. Marcell Electric LLC offers camera system installation that utilizes the latest in technology so that you can operate surveillance off your smartphones and other mobile devices to check in on your property.

Smart home
Smart Home Installation

Smart home integration can modernize your living space and add comfort like you have never known. Whether you want to monitor your camera systems while you're out and about or manage your lights at home, we can help to make your home smart and savvy. After all, installing smart home technology can offer you greater comfort and safety but can also increase the resale value of your home. For more information about smart home integration, call us today! We will be more than happy to help you modernize your home.


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If there was a way to give Marcell Electric six stars I would. I had two projects in two separate cities that needed to be completed quickly due to a short time line. This included installing network jacks, electrical receptacles, and installing an AV system. My request was responded to right away and the job was completed on time. This group is the best!

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I had an electrical issue on my multi unit. One of the phases was not getting power. Marcell was very patient throughout the process, provided me multiple quotes for various different issues including running a new wire to breaker replacement. The issue was resolved due to his due diligence and helpfulness.
I would highly recommend Marcell.

Thank you.

star star star star star

I bought a new apartment and had my general contract run cat 7 cables to all rooms. He doesn't do cable termination so he referred me to his "AV" guy to install keystone jacks on those lines. The job was botched and two out of three lines either didn't work or only connect at 10Mbps or 100Mbps. The AV guy said he'd follow up and check but I was not able to reach him.

I then asked for a quote on Yelp. Marcell respond right away. He and Bela (his low-voltage specialist) came the second day to check it out for free. Bela thinks the problem is with the termination, not the cable itself. He then came to the apartment for a second time to redo the termination and everything worked out great.

I'm very happy with Marcell and Bela. They are very responsive, they do good job, they are very accommodating to customers' schedules, and they charge very reasonable. Highly recommend them for anyone needing electrical work.

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